Sunday, July 3, 2011

DIY Hair Clips and Pins

Remember this fabric rosette bouquet from the Violins and Vows inspiration shoot? It has been sitting around the house, making me feel guilty for a while now. I don't have a lot of use for a fabric bouquet in my every day life. But pretty hair clips and pins? Yes, please! I deconstructed my bouquet, which had the rosettes hot glued to a stretched-out whisk as a base, and set about turning each flower into something wearable.

I gathered my materials: rosettes, alligator clips, pin backs, headbands, a glue gun, felt in light and dark colors, and scissors. If you'd rather trace circles than freehand them, grab a water soluble pen as well. Don't have any fabric flowers? Here's a link to a tutorial I found useful in making mine.

First I cut felt circles to cover the back of my rosettes. Light felt for light rosettes, dark brown for the brown and navy rosettes. I spread hot glue over one side of the felt circles and pressed them to the rosettes. Once those set, I glued an alligator clip or pin back to each flower.

For something a little bigger and better, I also glued a selection of 4 flowers to a piece of felt, then cut around their shapes. I actually backed this foursome with two layers of felt for more stability (tip: glue two layers of felt together first, then adhere the rosettes and trim around them—my last-minute decision to add the second layer of felt made for an ugly cut job). To the back of this super-sized piece I glued two pin backs. I thought about just sewing it to its final perch, but I want the option of switching things up. I pinned that baby to a plain jane canvas tote. Love it!

Here's a look at the clips in action on my headband. What do you think?

I used hot glue to adhere my clips, but might give super glue a try next time, especially when I experiment with bobby pins. I decided not to glue any rosettes directly to my headbands. Instead, I can switch out the clips as I please for a new look each time I wear them!

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