Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prints and Paper Goods

Highlights from Renegade Craft Fair SF:

Victory is mine! that I've spotted these insanely awesome prints by Victory Garden of Tomorrow, The Art of Joe Wirtheim. Seriously, you'll love the healthy, organic message and retro/future feel of these illustrations. I'm definitely getting some for my someday "grown-up" kitchen. Find Joe's work at

The poster print art of Drywell cannot be missed. Their papercut-style butchery prints are super-fab, this charcoal chicken is adorable, plus they have city maps drawn within animal shapes, celebrating each city's love of meat (shown here on a t-shirt)! Shop them here on Etsy.

There's something about this multi-colored herringbone stationery that's kind of sexy, don't you think? These cards looked even more slick in person. They're made by Supermodule, which also has some groovy plaid patterns to boot. And as you know, great stationery is part of every good hostess' arsenal.

Okay, so these don't quite scream "Host-It Notes," but here's a little insight into me: I LOVE llamas! And I love these prints by Hillary Bird! Find them in her Etsy shop:

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