Thursday, July 14, 2011

Super Ceramics

My favorite ceramics from the show were those of Heather Dahl of dahlhaus. I'm not sure what I loved more, her striped mugs and vases or her poppy and stem teapots. Not true, I was thisclose to taking home a striped bottle vase. The only thing stopping me was that one wasn't enough to satisfy my craving and I couldn't afford 3 or 4! Check out the dahlhaus shop here.

Right next to dahlhaus was eikcam ceramics, made by Grace Lee. I'm glad I brought my camera, because this darling bunting vase isn't pictured on her website.

A noteworthy contribution from repeat Renegade vendor Rae Dunn: gorgeous ceramic cheeseboards with a faux bois finish. Dunn always has terrific stuff with a slightly stark, neutral look.

These decorative dishes aren't ceramic, but they belong here in purpose and spirit! Sarah Bocket creates hand-painted one of a kind bowls and platters on re-purposed wooden items. I can't imagine how long her perfect dot designs take her to make! Click to visit The Bocket Store.

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