Thursday, August 18, 2011

Custom Bakery Boxes

I've had a lot of desserts to share lately, whether they're leftovers from photo shoots or baked at home. The surplus is great, but I've had no way to share them other than slapping sweets in a plastic bag. To class up my offerings a bit I decided to purchase bakery boxes in a range of sizes to fit everything from cookies to cakes.

I noticed the smallest size fits handily on my Silhouette cutting mat. If you have a machine of your own (Cricut works too), run a blank bakery box through to cut a custom phrase in a fun font! Once you're done, cut a square of cellophane and adhere it to the underside of the box lid. I attached mine with a glue stick.

Want an alternative to a fun phrase? Personalize the box top with the monogram of your recipient. Don't have a die-cutting machine? Trace letters onto your box top and cut them away with an precision knife.

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