Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Pretty New Tote

I'm so excited! My girlfriends came for a visit this past weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. They gave me some great crafty goodies (more on that later—when I get a chance to use them!). The big giftie though was a brand new mustard-colored Jo Totes camera bag!! Love love love!

Mine's the Rose style in Marigold, which comes with a darling houndstooth lining. The cool part about it is that I can carry my camera around safely and still look cute! It has nifty fabric inserts that attach with velcro. You can fix them wherever you want where to keep your camera stable and cushioned. Once my camera is tucked in I have plenty of room for lenses, wallet, phone and whatever I need to stash. Thank you, ladies!!! I love it.


  1. awesome!! what a great photo of you, gift & friends!!

  2. beautiful! what great friends you have ;)



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