Friday, November 4, 2011

A Special Welcome for Guests

I called my blog Host-It Notes, so it probably goes without saying that I love hosting guests. Some of my very best friends are coming to visit today and I couldn't be more excited! I thought I'd make them a fun little treat to welcome them to my home. I decided to sew each of my ladies their own tote bag, with a matching water cozy to boot. Then I filled the bags with a few basics: chips, sweet snacks and gum. Each person also gets the all important lint roller. My husband and I have 3 cats and not everyone has the fur tolerance we do.

Consider a welcome bag the next time you have friends or family in from out of town. Provide our guests with snacks and water so they don't have to ask for a nibble or sip. Other fun items could include a local map, a scarf or umbrella (living in San Francisco my thoughts naturally turn to rain), or some locally themed food or souvenirs.

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