Monday, December 12, 2011

What I Forgot to Tell You: The Best of Bazaar Bizarre

Shame on me for not reporting back on this last week. I went to the lovely Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, and while it was full of delightful pretties only one table blew me away. I am still both kicking myself and a little proud that I didn't purchase at least two items from here (only because we're trying to save money for the holidays...). It was majorly hard to resist.

What is it that astounded me so? Beautiful resin coated plates and platters from Why Girls Go Astray. It's a shame you have only these photos to judge by—even these pretty pics don't do their work justice! Such gorgeous, quality pieces with remarkable designs. It's like Anthropologie and John Derian had a plate baby. Check them out online at Why Girls Go Astray. I hope I see them at another fair soon!

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