Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Best Kitchen Tool You Never Use (Until Now)

I have loads of kitchen gadgets and gizmos collecting dust on shelves and in drawers, some fairly expensive ones too. So why is it I love one inexpensive tool over all others? Next to a sharp knife, only one tool has given me the most bang for its buck over the years: My melon baller.

Now let me just say, I can't believe I'm writing this love note to my melon baller. Or can I? I'm like a melon baller evangelist. I'm its number one fan. I'm getting everyone one for Christmas next year. And guess what? I've never scooped melon balls once.

Allow me to bring you over to the dark side...

5 Non-Melon Uses For My Awesome Melon Baller:

1) Scraping the ribs out of bell peppers and jalapenos — so much easier than with a knife! 2) Seeding tomatoes 3) Removing the seeds and flesh from squash before cooking 4) Hulling strawberries 5) Making butter balls — okay, this one's not that common, but pretty scooped butter is fun for special dinners

And I discover new uses all the time! Turns out it works for getting those tricky "eyes" out of a pineapple (you know...when you cut off the exterior but the prickles are deeper in a few spots). I just started using it to scoop out my avocados. Melon ballers are just sharp enough—clean-cutting but not dangerous to handle. It's like a knife and a spoon made a baby. And thus ends my gadget geekery on this subject. Go forth and try it for yourself!

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