Monday, March 19, 2012

Stitch Swap Russian Nesting Doll

One of my many little personal projects this month includes participating in Mollie Johanson's super fun stitch swap over at Wild Olive. If you like to embroider, you're probably already following Wild Olive. If not—you're going to love it! Mollie makes the cutest designs and has such fun and fresh finished work. And she's very giving—freebies galore to enjoy in addition to checking out her cute shop.
What's a stitch swap, you ask? Well, readers had an opportunity to sign up to send another randomly assigned reader an embroidered piece. The only rules are it has to be a finished, ready to hang piece in a 4-inch hoop. I finished the embroidery days ago, but there's a weird hoop drought in SF. I can't find a 4" one to save my life! Once I do, I'll add a ribbon to hang it, finish up the back—I'm thinking a yo-yo finish, maybe with a cute button detail—then get this little lady in the mail. The recipient of my piece says she loves russian nesting dolls and bold color combos. I took a risk on the background fabric, but here's hoping she loves it! I know I do. I'll try to snap a pic that's better than this one I took on my iPhone.
Are you participating in any fun swaps or group projects this month?

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