Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cake Pops by Babycakums

I had a fabulous experience ordering cake pops for a party this week! I'd been looking for pops to fit my budget for a small Nintendo-themed going away party for a co-worker. The plan was to don Mario mustaches and play games on an old school Super Nintendo (classic!). My dream was to have Mario and toadstool themed cake pops. When I called a popular local bakery for a quote I was a little bowled over by the $5.50+ per pop price tag. For $25 over my budget I could get a batch of plain, undecorated colored pops + 3 lonely Mario pops. I cried a little inside.
To the rescue came Babycakums! Recommended by a mutual friend, it turns out someone I know has been making adorable cake pops all along! And her prices beat out the competition by $2 a pop—plus every single one was a custom character! Now, I'm not bashing any other bakeries here. Undoubtedly these $5 and $6 pops are worth it, and the work is excellent I'm sure, but for my money I couldn't be happier with the taste and look of my affordable pops. They were red velvet inside and they were sooo good. I'll be buying from them again. Just had to pass it on!
Aren't they adorable? I wish my pictures were better. The toadstools were perfect. And Mario's hat is filled with cake too! Mmmm.
For a quote, contact Marie Green of Babycakums at:

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