Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Wrap an Oversized Baby Shower Gift

Remember that baby shower I just had some crafty fun with? I wanted to share how I wrapped the oversized gift my husband I gave to the parents. We bought them a baby jumping gym—the kind with little toys for the baby to play with while it bounces in its standing seat. The box was fairly gigundo, so I grabbed my extra-long roll of art paper as it was the only roll long enough to get around it. To embellish the box I cut triangle flags from scrapbook paper, punched small holes in their centers, and strung them on bakers twine. Rather than just knot or bow the ends, I glued buttons down on top to adhere the twine to the package. Then I added a few more buttons and stickers for fun. Art paper (also called craft and bulletin board paper) is sometimes the best option because you can dress it up any way you please!

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