Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad Men Pillowcases

Boy, did I get a kick out of this! I was washing and drying some vintage pillowcases I'd picked up at my local Goodwill for $2. I had planned to cut them up for cloth napkins for a baby shower (long story—more to come!). That's them above...
While they dried I was sewing up some retro headbands for a birthday gift and watching Mad Men. When lo and behold...
BAM!!! Would ya look at that?! Don Draper's little girl is sleeping on my same $2 pillowcases! For now these little babies are saved from their chop shop makeover. I can't bear to cut up my sweet Mad Men pillowcases just yet! I don't really need them as pillowcases though. Do you have any project ideas that'd be a perfect second life for these beauties? Or should I sell them back into the universe to be found by some happy Mad Men-loving mom out there? Send me your thoughts!


  1. I had these same pillowcases growing up!

    1. That's totally awesome! I hope you kept them :)



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