Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Cookbook for Cookie Dough Lovers


Why hello…I didn't expect to fall in love today. As soon as I clapped my eyes on Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook by Lindsay Landis I knew this cookbook and I were destined to make beautiful desserts together. Landis is a food blogger who created a tasty egg-free cookie dough (meaning it's safe to eat raw) and used that as a launching pad for a cookbook full of cookie dough based treats: pies, cakes, custards, brownies, even cookie dough doughnuts! I must get my hands on a copy! You can get an autographed copy signed by the author and personalized to you here. Yum!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hosting a "Perfect Pair" Couples Shower


Above: Cute couples bridal shower invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Weddings and marriage are happy proof that two is better than one. So when it comes to the bridal shower, who says the bride should have all the fun? One modern trend I love is the co-ed bridal shower. Presided over by both the bride and groom, co-ed couples showers offer both male and female friends and family a chance to show their support and affection for the engaged couple. Make the most of this couples-friendly approach by hosting a “Perfect Pair” party. Whether cute and DIY is your style, or classic elegance, I’ve got just the right party ideas to inspire.

 Perfect Pair Party: Cute Edition

Are you throwing a shower for a cute-as-a-button couple? Looking to incorporate handmade, quirky style? Brainstorm what items make the perfect pair and incorporate them in to your food and d├ęcor. Use bright and bubbly colors and free fonts to create and print posters with phrases like “You Are the Cheese to My Macaroni,” “You are the Gin to my Tonic," "You are the Frosting to my Cupcake,” and “You are the Milk to My Shake”. Serve adorable treats to match your prints like crustless PBJ Bites, chocolate chip cookies served with a shotglass of milk, or fried macaroni and cheese balls. If passed hors d’ouvres aren’t your thing, create a “paired up” dessert bar. Make labels and desserts that pair two complementary flavors such as “Strawberry + Chocolate,” “Cookies + Cream,” “Raspberry + Mocha” and “Chocolate + Peanut Butter.” For party favors, try something edible like Chocolate-Dipped Double-Stuff Oreos.



Above: Classy couples bridal shower invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Perfect Pair Party: Classy Edition

If you’re looking to host a more upscale, romantic or elegant shower, create a menu that highlights ideal food and wine pairings. Serve 4-6 small plates or tapas paired with appropriate wines to delight the tastebuds of your guests and introduce them to new flavors. Fusion food is great if the couple hails from two different cultural backgrounds. Otherwise, take cues from the couple's favorite cuisines and restaurants when planning the dishes and select complementary wines. Bonus points if you find wine that triggers a fond memory of a place or time the couple shared. The “Perfect Pair” theme can be taken in a whole new, meaningful direction when you remember that each individual brings to the partnership their own traditions, culture, and personal passions. Another option is to play up the romance. Research the bride and groom’s family history to find out what long-lasting couples fill their family tree. Frame old photos from their famous family love stories and write a small description of the couple for guests to read. Congratulate the guests of honor on being the next perfect pair in line.

Cute or classy, there are endless ways to dress up a "Perfect Pair" bridal shower. So go ahead, invite the boys!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cake Stand Love: Postscripts


Oh lovely readers, it has been ages since I've blogged. Lots of good has happened, lots of bad, and it's all too complicated to pile on your plate. Instead, let's fast forward to the fun stuff—cake stands! I believe I spotted these in the special wedding issue that came with a recent Mollie Makes mag. May I just say, I adore that magazine? Usually with magazines I tear out pages I love and toss the rest, but I can't bring myself to lose a single page of that sweet little publication. Unfortunately, those of us dwelling in the US have to sell one of our kidneys to afford it. It's not the first time I wish I had a home in the UK!


Okay, prepare to fall in love. The darling shop Postscripts on Etsy ( has  GORGEOUS and surprisingly affordable cake stands for sale. They're rustic, woodsy pieces perfect for lending your event an intimate, handmade feel. Obviously they're great for outdoors and home-grown weddings, but they are perfect for woodland parties and rustic tabletops and would add a wonderful element to Christmas displays. 


For some added fun check out this cute 3-D hot air balloon banner also available in the shop.

All photos via Postscriptsts


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